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Near East Relief Foundation, A Century of Service

AGBU-YPNC and AGBU Silicon Valley Chapter host Near East Relief Historical Society curator Molly Sullivan for an evening discussing Near East Foundation‘s (NEF) history of service, and their current programs in Armenia and around the world.


Near East Relief raised $110 million to help refugees from the Ottoman Empire. This is equivalent to $1.25 billion today. Nearly one thousand men and women served overseas from 1915 to 1930. Thousands more volunteered throughout the country. Near East Relief efforts led to the building of scores of orphanages, vocational schools and food distributions centers and saved the lives of over a million Armenian, Greek and Syrian refugees, including 132,000 orphans.

NEF launched in 1915 to provide relief for Armenian, Greek, and Assyrian refugees as the Armenian Genocide unfolded. Over one hundred years later, now focused on sustainable recovery, NEF is driven by the same purpose—to provide vulnerable and disenfranchised populations with skills and resources to fully engage and prosper in their own communities and societies.

Join your fellow YP’s, the Armenian community, and friends as we take a look back at NEF’s response to the Armenian Genocide and discuss the organization’s efforts to address the current refugee crisis unfolding in the Middle East today.

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May 25, 2016 7:30PM - 9:00PM

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AGBU Young Professionals of Northern California

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St. John Armenian Church
275 Olympia Way, San Francisco, CA 94131 United States
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(415) 661-1142

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